"WINNER:  best original music score, 2008-09: psalters" for  "Quixote"  (Philadelphia Weekly)

"fall helplessly in love with the sound of the psalters" (Time Out New York)

"it's hard to imagine a foray as bold, brash and challenging" "flaring, daring and wholly original...a voice impossible to ignore" ---Lou Carlozo, Chicago Tribune

"psalters mounts an ululating, multi-drum offensive against the capitalist hegemony. They dress the part, too—if you saw this lot coming on a dark night, you’d run."  --The Atlantic (oct. 2009)

"not for the artistically faint of heart... vastly more authentic than all the Christian-themed music straining to play it safe"  ---(the Christian Century)

 "Psalters howling amid a percussive frenzy, dancers whirling around  like Turkish dervishes, the play explodes with power. It's the kind of transcendental religious experience that calls the lost back home... Just be glad those strumming, squeezing, plucking, and pounding anarcho-gypsies are committed to the good fight."  ---(Philadelphia Inquirer)

"pass the psalters" --(featured article in Philly Weekly)

psalters help lead war protest in Washington D.C.  (Associated Press, MSNBC, Washington Post

"a musical experience like no other.....rating: 9 out of possible 10" --review of Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles  (Indie Vision Music)

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